You have a vision for your wedding day.
Something that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for a long time.

You have a Pinterest board full of concepts, 
But you also know… a Pinterest wedding isn’t for you.
DIY isn’t going to cut it, 
And you don’t have the time to sift through the dozens of bands or the thousands of table setting options.

You just want to trust your vision with someone else who can bring it to life and get it done in style.

Hi, we’re the experts that fit the bill. We curate weddings from start to finish with your vision, your personalities, your story.

Your wedding, done your way, without the unnecessary stress.

Love in luxury

Every little girl (and many little boys) dream of their wedding day.
They put on their best dressy outfit, walk down an “aisle” in their bedroom, and exchange vows with an imaginary spouse.

It doesn’t take long before that imagination grows. 
That dressy outfit turns into flipping through magazines to find the perfect dress.
Gardens turn into flower arrangement ideas,
And your Pinterest board fills up with red carpet glam photos. 

I know, because I’ve seen it a thousand times. And these visions? They’re just the start of something amazing.

I’m going to be honest with you. I live for design.
I dream in colors and palettes and know exactly which linens will pull together a table setting for just the right vibes.

So the moment I see the mood board collection and gather a couple’s taste for elegance… I’m ready to make it happen.

I grab the color swatches, I pull the bands’ names, I curate a list of moments that will create an over-the-top experience for you and your guests from the moment they walk through the door until the time they leave for the night.

Your job? It’s just to tell me if you like each of those pieces or not. If something doesn’t match your vibe, no problem. We’ll come back with new curated elements until you find the ones you love deeply. 

The goal isn’t to create the vision of your dreams.
It’s to create that vision and take it to the next level.

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Your vision...amplified

Sit back and marvel as you watch the ultimate experience unfold before your eyes surrounded by your family and friends.

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Meet with our design team and curate the blueprint for your flawless soiree.

All About the Details


We design a custom service proposal to plan your perfect day.

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Chat with us about the details of your day and tell us all about your love story.




You know that centerpiece your best friend had at her wedding?
The favors you can find at nearly any party supply store?
The lace linens your sister in law decided on for her special day?
Toss all those thoughts to the side.
We promise an event that is 100% unique to your tastes, your vision, and your personality.

We will never give you the “second hand treatment.”

exclusive treatment

your wedding is more than an event.
it's an amplified experience.

Your day is about your story. Period.
When we say we offer personalized design, we mean we touch on every single minute detail of your day.
The print on your napkins, the specialized cocktail at the bar, the light show to introduce you and your new spouse…
It’s all delicately infused with the details of your love story 
And fine tuned as a choreographed experience 
To give your guests a taste of what it’s like to be a part of your fabulous relationship.

personalized design

There is nothing worse than walking into a room and the vibe is off, knowing not everyone is on the same page.
We want to ensure every vendor is willing to work with you.
Not just on a professional level… but on a personal
“This person has good vibes, too” level.
As we get to know you and your fiance’s personalities,
Our mental wheels start working to select vendors who would be compatible with you as a couple. 

Because when everyone shows up for the party on the same page, all the guests will feel the magic. 

It’s all about designing an experience from the initial consultation to happily ever after in a sophisticated and stress free way.
We want to create a day that celebrates you so completely that you can feel free to enjoy yourself as a guest at your own wedding.

vendor matchmaking

what does having a full service event planner Look Like?

1. You’re feeling a bit uncertain and a bit overwhelmed, but you reach out to us based on a gut feeling—in hope that I can help.

2. We chat via zoom and we listen to your desires, your concerns, your love story…and we tell you what we have to help you enjoy more than just your rehearsal dinner and wedding day, but your entire engagement.

3. We sign the paperwork and do a little admin and then we start the process of creating your event experience.

4. We help you manage your budget, hire the best vendors, pick your venue, design and create a stunning experience, and plan for every detail big and small.

5. You stay up-to-speed every moment with our sleek online planning portal.

6. Your guests arrive and are welcomed with love and hospitality.

7. You head to rehearsal dinner looking fabulous and not stressing about anything.

8. You sit in your silky robe, sip your mimosa, and get pampered on your wedding day while we set up, manage vendors, and prepare for your guests.

9. You walk down the aisle without a care in the world and kiss your forever love with presence and passion.

10. You don’t have to wonder whether family members or friends secretly wish they’d be able to relax and enjoy your wedding rather than work hard to make it perfect.

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